Kent Day: 3 facts about the 'Garden of England'

Kent Day: 3 facts about the 'Garden of England'
To celebrate Kent Day we've gone on a journey of discovery to uncover our 3 favourite facts about the aptly named 'Garden of England'. Here they are...
1) A very Royal nickname
Kent's iconic nickname as the Garden of England dates all the way back to Henry VIII, who is said to have been so delighted with the flavour of a bowl of cherries produced in Kent that he nicknamed the county the Garden of England, and it stuck!
2) Ace, Love, (Strawberry) Deuce
On the theme of delicious Kent produce, the Garden of England is also the proud supplier of Wimbledon’s famed strawberries. Each juicy red berry must be between 25-45mm in diameter, fully red all over and without even the hint of a defect.
3) Insta-worthy Fruit
The world's largest fruit collection can be found at Brogdale, where 4,000 trees make for the most Insta-worthy of picnics during Hanami (the Japanese custom of viewing Cherry Blossoms in full bloom).
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